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Founded in Fall 2018, the RAN Lab focuses on the algorithmic building blocks of machine intelligence for mobile robots. By combining classical mechanics and applied mathematics with the recent advances in machine learning and data science, we develop algorithms that enable more adaptive and reliable autonomous robots in addressing pressing scientific and engineering challenges. Through the development of open-source softwares and open-access robotic systems, we thrive to enhance the involvement and impact of autonomous robots in more facets of research and education.

Join Us

We are constantly looking for Ph.D. students with strong self-motivation and passion in robotics to join us. Please email your CV to Dr. Song and specify your areas of interest. Candidates will the following skills are preferred: statistical inference, probability theory, machine learning, dynamics and control, and strong programming skills (Python, C/C++, ROS, etc.). 

We currently have three Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs). Students from all levels are welcome. Please contact the corresponding project managers for more information.  

  • Resident Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (RAUV) / RoboSub – Kobe  (kobet7@hawaii.edu)
  • Subterrenean Autonomous Vehicle (SubTAV) – Eduardo (ezabanal@hawaii.edu)
  • Subsea Docking Station – Maddyson (mjeske@hawaii.edu) 

We are happy to host visiting students, researchers, and faculty to explore collaboration opportunities and exchange research ideas and experiences. Please directly email D. Song for availability.

Unfortunately, other than snorkel gears, surfboards, and Hawaii sunshine, we are unable to provide other financial supports for your travel and stay, except for special arrangements.  

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